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Morgan Aero was founded in 1964 by Virgil & Irene Morgan.  For 30 years the company was operated as Morgan Brothers of Everett a heavy duty truck dealership with Peterbilt, Diamond Reo, GMC & Western Star Franchises.

In 1964 Morgan Brothers received it's first contract from Boeing.  It was to perform emergency road service on trucks going to the Boeing Tulalip test site from Seattle and the new Everett facility that was under construction. 

In 1966 Morgan Brothers designed and built Boeing’s first long load steer trailers with enclosed driver cabin and special controls to haul 747 wing spars from the Auburn Washington fabrication facility to the Everett assembly facility.  Morgan Brothers continued to develop unique large load trucks and trailers for Boeing until the truck dealership was sold in 1991.  During that time the Morgan Aero Products division was formed. 

In 1968 Morgan Brothers supplied Boeing with it's first high flow capacity fueling and de-fueling trucks for the new 747 program.  Morgan Brothers also performed contract work on the new Boeing Everett fuel farm, designed & built the first 747 fuel hydrant flow test units and designed and manufactured the first 767 computer controlled hydrant flow test units for new aircraft test and certification.  Boeing now operates a total fleet of Rampmaster fuel trucks sold and supported by Morgan Aero at their Seattle, Everett, Renton, Moses Lake, Wichita and Philadelphia factories.

 In 1986 Morgan Aero entered the Aerospace hoist business and developed many unique high quality hoists for Boeing and the airline world.  Morgan Aero developed the Aerosafe worm drive hoist  that is now used by most major world Airlines and the United States Air Force.  Morgan Aero is also sole source for:

Lever hoists for the 737 advanced generation 300/400/500/600/700/ 800/900 series Aircraft
Computer controlled A5441 engine handling systems
MIL-H-904J Aerospace quality lever hoists

The AP
6108 chain drive fishpole hoists 
777 main landing gear hoists
777ER and LR engine hoists. 

In 1988 Morgan Aero became the exclusive off load oxygen cleaning contractor for Boeing.  This has grown into a long term contract operation to clean and package all Boeing oxygen tube assemblies and to supply all Boeing oxygen fittings cleaned to BAC5402 & BAC5408.  Morgan Aero also cleans flexible oxygen lines fabricated by Stratoflex/Fort Worth and oxygen parts and assemblies for many other Boeing vendors.  Morgan Aero cleans all Boeing oxygen system test kits including those used in the V-22 program at Fort Worth TX and Boeing Helicopter – Philadelphia.

In 2000 plans were started to build a new Morgan Aero facility to better serve the needs of the Aerospace industry with a large, dedicated oxygen system processing laboratory and expanded shop area for development of other new processes.  After 38 years in the original Pacific Avenue location the move was competed to our new building in 2002.

Virgil Morgan has been an active Aircraft industry participant beginning with graduation from Aero Industries Technical Institute in 1939.  After one year at Consolidated Aircraft (now Lockheed Martin) and three plus years at Boeing Seattle he went active duty in the Unites States Army Air Corps as a mechanic/flight engineer on B-17 & B-29 aircraft including B-29 missions with the 6th Bomb Group from North Field, Tinian, to Japan during WWII.  Virgil is the current Board President of the Sixth Bomb Group Association and a life member of both the 20th Air Force Association and the Confederate Air Force. 

 In the 1970’s Virgil was president & founder of Valley Aerostar, the largest in sales of any Aerostar airplane dealership to date.  Virgil is an FAA rated airline transport pilot-mel, commercial rated pilot- sel, certified instrument flight instructor and recently received the FAA Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award.  He has flown his company aircraft to Europe twice on business trips and countless times to Alaska and across the USA.  Virgil is also a court recognized expert witness in aviation accident investigation proceedings

 Virgil is a member of the SAE and serves on the A-10 oxygen committee.  For over 25 years he has been factory representative at Boeing for Advanced Ground Systems Engineering providing Boeing with all their 737, 747, 767 & 777 engine cradles and dollies plus many other special major tooling and transportation items.  He is also the Rampmaster refueling truck dealer with Boeing Everett, Seattle, Renton, Wichita & Philadelphia all of whom purchase these trucks from Morgan Aero for their fueling operations. 


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