Northern Mariana Islands

Tinian Island

After the Japanese signing of the surrender documents that ended the war in the Pacific the  first of our troops began to roll down the streets of Tokyo.  On poles and buildings they found printed poster's and hand written notes with the following Japanese characters...

The notes and posters were taken to military intelligence and were translated.  The meaning is "Anyone but the Sixth"

It took some time to decipher the exact meaning but it was found to be a reference to a Shinto prayer asking their god's to send anyone to bomb the homeland but the B-29's of the famous 6th Bomb Group on Tinian Island.  The tenacity and accuracy of the planes and men of the 6th struck such terror on the island of Japan they had devised a special prayer begging for relief.

Below are some photos, on a flight from California to Boeing Field in Seattle, of the Sixth Bomb Group President, Virgil Morgan, showing the young crew of FIFI how its done.


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The Sixth Bomb Group
Tinian Island
1944 - 45